Faculty Lunch Talks


Speaker Affiliation Title Date
Saket Navlakha  CSHL TBA  Jun 01
Ramana Davuluri Biomedical Informatics Application of deep-learning algorithms in Bioinformatics methods May 18
    Cancelled May 11
Rafael D'Andrea Ecology & Evolution  Ecosystem function increases with species diversity, except when it doesn’t: insights from pitcher plant microbial community models Apr 13
Jin Wang Physics & Chemistry  Cell fate decision making from molecular and gene network level quantifications Mar 30
TBD     Mar 16
Rostam Razban  Laufer Center  Brain wiring dictates signaling. But also: brain signaling dictates wiring [video] Mar 02


Speaker Affiliation Title Date
Ken Dill Laufer Center Biological adaptation in Darwinian evolution and brains. Learning machines, not machine learning. Sep 08
Peter Koo CSHL Can We Trust Convolutional Neural Networks for Genomics? Feb 09
Gabor Balazsi Laufer Center Evolutionary lessons from synthetic biology Jan 12